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About Camela

Camela Guevara is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Charleston. She creates handmade monuments to unsung labor. Her practice explores the intersection of art, craft, and fashion, and her work embodies a sense of pleasure and reverence for the labor of sewing. She offers a joyful alternative path of homemade fashion that honors the many skilled hands that clothe us.

Recent projects include designing fabric inspired by natural elements and experimentations in color and repetition, as well as rethinking workwear staples like the jumpsuit. Guevara’s work invites the audience to reconsider their relationship to cloth and sustainability while envisioning a new thread savvy and labor appreciative world.

Guevara graduated from the College of Charleston in 2010 with a Bachelors of Art. After graduating, she worked as a professional seamstress for many years, including alterations, custom sewing, and small-scale manufacturing. She began teaching embroidery in 2012, and has been sharing embroidery, sewing, and mending ever since in workshops and one-on-one lessons. Feel free to contact for custom hand embroidery, embroidery workshops, or parties.

While she no longer takes on alterations, get in touch for custom sewing, like bespoke clothing and housewares.

Additionally, Guevara has done graphic design and branding for various non-profits and local businesses in the Charleston area. She enjoys creating creative poster designs and custom branding. She has created branding for Carolina Youth Action Project, Lowcountry Mutual Aid Fund, the Hartman Group, and more. You can check out her design work here.

Camela is currently the Community Engagement Coordinator at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art at the College of Charleston.



College of Charleston



Artists Venture Initiative Grant, South Carolina Arts Commission

Visiting Artist, Gibbes Museum, Charleston, SC


Rising Star Award, Greater Charleston Area YWCA


Palmetto Hands Honorable Mention, North Charleston Arts Festival




render, Park Circle Gallery


Art Coveralls: Merging Mark-making and the Sewn Form in Workwear, Gibbes Museum


Care Work, Redux Contemporary Art Center

Select Group Exhibitions


Tiger Strikes Greenway, Tiger Strikes Asteroid Greenville, Piccolo Spoleto

Palmetto Hands Juried Exhibition, North Charleston Arts Festival


Charleston Visualists, Buy Some Damn Art, Online Exhibition

Venus, Skinny Dip, Charleston, SC

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hello (at) camelaguevara (dot) com

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