A Scout Photo is located in Charleston, SC and specializes in digital and film photography services including wedding & event coverage, portraiture, and architecture. I created this vintage inspired hand and telescope design to demonstrate the adventurous spirit of the photographer.

The Hartman Group is a high-end construction company located in Charleston, SC. I worked with them to create this custom logo mark incorporating contemporary craftsmanship.

Carolina Youth Action Project is is a grassroots nonprofit that uses music as a vehicle for social change and builds power among girls and transgender youth in Charleston, South Carolina. I created logos to represent this exciting organization in print and digital, featuring hand-drawn text, and Carolina Jessamyn, the state flower.

Bricks & Brushes is a historic walking tour company in Charleston, SC, specializing in architecture and fine art galleries in downtown Charleston. I incorporated my gouache painting style to emphasize the artistic expertise and as a fun counterpoint to the architectural "bricks."

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